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Single malt whisky and conversation

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Fortunately, Drew Nicolson of Whisky Blendler is here to help keep those embarrassing dinner party outbursts cknversation a minimum. I first tasted whisky at the age of 15 when my dad poured me a glass of Famous Grouse one Hogmanay. I hated it.

A few years later, I ordered myself a Macallan because someone I was with had recommended it. Was this the difference between a blend and a single malt?

Single malt whisky and conversation the difference between a boy and a man? Probably the latter. Our interest in whisky has taken us to festivals, tastings, and even a Scotch whisky academy, and has introduced us to hundreds of people, all of whom enjoy a unique relationship with our favourite spirit.

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One of the most common taboos in the whisky world seems to be the adding of water. Water opens it up, reduces the dominance of alcohol, and allows you to really appreciate all the yummy goodness it holds inside.

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In simple terms, the first is a malt whisky from a cask or conbersation containing the output of one distillery; the second is a malt whisky from casks containing the output of two or more different distilleries. The older the rarer? With the growing popularity and demand in whisky, there are fewer casks ageing for longer and, as such, older whisky is becoming Single malt whisky and conversation sought-after.

The older Girl to fuck Hamm more expensive?

But the older the better? Not necessarily.

At the end of the day, you enjoy what you enjoy and that differs from one person to the next. Watching a film, chatting with friends, or writing an article for a magazine, for example. A good blend complements and satisfies, but rarely demands attention.

I would argue that in some respects the less you know — or the less you think you know — the more honest and real your tasting experience will be. With knowledge comes expectation; your palate shapes itself and you target specific flavours to hunt out.

This story first appeared in the print edition of our third issue, which is still available to buy from our online shop.

Artist Pippa Dyrlaga demonstrates all of these skills and so much more, as she elegantly manipulates an everyday commodity into a work of art. We cut to the chase with Pippa, as she Skngle the perks of her work and the challenges that arise when working as an independent maker.

Single malt whisky and conversation

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