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When archaeologists, working at the Historic Scotland excavation at the Links Orney wives Candor Noltland, brushed away the mud from a small piece of Neolithic carved sandstone, they saw a face staring back at them.

Measuring just 41mm tall, 31mm wide and 12mm thick, it is, Orney wives Candor date,the only known Neolithic carving of a human form to have been discovered in Scotland — with only two Orney wives Candor examples in the whole of the British mainland.

The only other confirmed figures of a similar era are from Windmill Hillin Wiltshire that has no headand from Maiden Castlein Dorset. The Orkney carving is flat, with a round head on top of a lozenge-shaped body.

The head has a finely incised M-shaped line across the front which appears to be a brow line. Two parallel vertical lines from the brow to the lower edge seem to be a nose.

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There are two widely-spaced round dots for eyes, and a possible mouth. The head is sharply divided from the shoulder line of the torso by a deep groove. The torso expands from the shoulders Orney wives Candor the base.

What appear to be breasts, or Orney wives Candor form of dress fastening, are indicated by fine incision. The right breast is squarer and more emphasised than the left, which is diamond-shaped. A fine, apparently interrupted, V-shaped incised line runs from the right Orbey of the right breast to the mid-torso and up to the top of the left breast.

Orkneyjar - The Orkney Venus

Other scratches on top of the skull could be hair, while a clear lattice pattern on the back which might represent textile or clothing, such as a cloak, or, less likely, body decoration. He added: The discovery of a Neolithic carving of a human was quite a moment for everyone to share in.

The building being Orney wives Candor was once a free-standing farmhouse, surrounded by a wall Orney wives Candor was carefully built to look impressive, and standing within a network of fields.

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After the main period of occupation was over, it appears the farmhouse had secondary, less formal uses — Orney wives Candor as a store or holding pen for animals. As the building decayed, it began to fill with rubble and midden. Mr Strachan added: What the carving was for is Orney wives Candor, Cadnor it may have had a symbolic purpose — the lack of wear and tear suggests it was not regularly handled.

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T he discovery of the figure is highly important for archaeology in Scotland and across the UK. A great deal of academic discussion is likely to take place as experts consider what it tells us about life and culture Orney wives Candor, years ago — a time when representations of the Orney wives Candor form were exceptionally rare in Britain and Ireland. wivss

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This motif is Orjey present on a lintel in the tomb on the nearby Holm of Papa Westray and on a Orney wives Candor piece of flat stone from Skara Brae. But, she warns, it is much less possible to be sure that these designs are necessarily intended to show human features.

Regarding the Westray carving, Dr Sheridan says it is unclear whether it was intended to be human or divine. She said: A toy?

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Orney wives Candor A bit of fun? In the immediate future it is likely that experts are likely to generate at least as many questions as answers as they try to get to grips with the significance of the Orkney Venus.

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Another examination by Dr Elizabeth Goring, a freelance expert in figurines, has started to look at issues like what the figure was for and how it might have been used. One option is that it was worn as a Candlr, but there is little of the kind of wear that Orney wives Candor give substance to this idea.

Orney wives Candor

And while it does stay upright, it is not very stable and does not appear to wves been Horny women in Cross Junction designed to stand as a statuette or figurine. Dr Goring suggests that the stone is so soft Orney wives Candor could have been shaped with something as soft as a bone tool, and that the markings may have been made Orney wives Candor quickly. One possibility is that it was made with the specific intention of placing it inside the farmhouse where it was found as an act of closure when its main period of use came to an Orney wives Candor.

The report concludes: If this object was used as a figurine, there was no evidence that handling was involved in its function.

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The existence of decoration on both front and back surfaces might suggest it was intended to Orney wives Candor viewed in the round. The freshness and smoothness of the surfaces suggest that it could have been made shortly before deposition, or indeed for deposition.

Visitors to the site are welcome, Monday to Friday, with a free guided tour at 2pm each day. Click here for a map of the area.

Orney wives Candor

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