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Married and Lonely m4w Married for nearly 20 years and have become increasingly dissatisfied with my situation, and was wondering if there are other ladies out there in the same boat.

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So you're made of metal and, unlike the Tin Man, you already have a heart, regardless of how black it may be.

We've got you covered. Nobody wants the same power ballad frends that make up the track listing of any and all compilations dedicated to the wimpiest, most lighter-friendly moments of the '80s and early '90s.

You want something heavy. We're talking Pantera, Judas Priest And we're not talking themes of brokenheartedness and misery that's another list — this is about some hot lovin', Devilish romance and amorous embraces.

That Aren't Ballads and don't forget to follow the playlist on Spotify. Even Black Sabbath felt the temptation to use love as a lyrical device on their ominous, haunting debut.

While the true meaning of the title of "N. And there's a little devil in everyone, right?

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For all of the unrequited love and misery expressed in HIM 's lyrics, I need some metal friends forget that those awful feelings had to stem from something that was once positive. It took 30 years into their professional career for Iron Maiden to finally write a love song.

Of course, the song takes place as the end of days threatens the world; in the song, a couple make a suicide pact, preparing their fallout shelter for megal inevitable moment.

The star-crossed lovers took their poison a little too early, unaware that the world didn't end after all. Rob Halford's searing highs discharge hot and horny lines about the nighttime's street merchants with skin for sale.

We know what you're thinking: But it was a beautiful relationship What list of love would be complete without the presence of the scathingly sarcastic, charmingly witty, blackhearted romantic Peter Steele? Wet Floor" signs as his baritone croon pined for a lifetime of submission and worship.

Life on I need some metal friends road can lead to endless opportunities to find love Mainly lust. Machine," a less egregious but still reprehensible track all about carnality.

I've asked some of my non-metal friends what turns them off about metal or You want something a bit more accessible to bridge that gap and. So you're made of metal and, unlike the Tin Man, you already have a heart, regardless of how black it may be. How do you express your true. So don't have high expectations in regards to this. Go to the local bar that has metal nights with a friend who can be convinced to come and see.

Make no mistake, this song is more about hot and wild lovin' than pure, inseparable love, but when things are going I need some metal friends and the bloodflow increases, W.

This is a frieds that was probably written in under 10 minutes. There's no lip-biting sexiness, no toe-curling double-entendres, just straight up lovestruck emotions from Ratt.

For all of glam's debaucherous days, this one kept it nice and PG. Heartache drives the song, but in a longing way and for a caustic New Orleans sludge group, that's just the only way they know how to show it.

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Devoted or deranged? You decide.

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