Counseling Services

Personal Counseling

For nearly three thousand years, professional counselors have provided the tailored teaching and support needed for healthy thought and action. We are pleased to be part of this great biblical tradition.

Some of our clients report disturbing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and/or compulsive thoughts and behavior. Others seek help making moral and ethical decisions. Others are experiencing serious relationship difficulties that seem to defy solutions. Still others are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, pornography, gambling, and other so-called addictions.

We help individuals identify, challenge, and change the distorted patterns of thought, belief, and behavior that maintain these problems. We provide the emotional and spiritual support needed to make difficult decisions and follow through with necessary action. We help establish and maintain structured repentance/recovery processes.

Our methods are biblical, brief and straightforward. Ordinarily, clients report significant progress in five sessions.

Marriage and Family Therapy

An unstable, unsatisfying marriage or family can make life miserable. Arguments often escalate into angry confrontations with no resolution. Children can rebel, become discouraged, and withdraw from family involvement, making them more vulnerable to alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, and violence. Marriage and family counseling from a Christian perspective interrupts destructive communication patterns, rebuilds trust through repentance and forgiveness, teaches parenting skills, and strengthens family commitment.

The therapy process is usually brief (8 sessions average) and solution-focused. At least initially, it is best that couples and family members come in together. Research indicates that marriage and family therapy is as effective and, in some cases, more effective than individual treatments for many mental health problems.

Children and Teens

Divorce, job change, relocation, and the demands of school can put tremendous pressure on young children and teens. Christ-centered counseling can help parents understand and minister to their children during these difficult times.

Career Counseling

Many personal and family difficulties revolve around career issues. Some people have difficulty securing work. Others find themselves chronically dissatisfied or unable to earn an adequate income. Career counseling from a Christian perspective helps identify God-given talents and interests, determine a workable job-search strategy, and follow through with positive action.

Our career counseling approach takes 3 one-hour sessions. We emphasize the biblical work ethic, provide emotional support, and give detailed instruction in resume preparation, job search, and interviewing skills.  We also offer career testing for those who are exploring career choices or thinking about changing careers.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is available throughout the year. When pastors require engaged couples to get premarital counseling, we can tailor the sessions to fulfill those requirements. Ordinarily, we arrange for our premarital couples to complete a good premarital inventory.  We build three (3) one-hour sessions around this inventory, focusing on the couple’s beliefs, backgrounds, communication, and problem solving skills.  We also review and help couples plan the vows they plan to share.

Ministry and Consulting Services

Marriage and Family Special Emphases and Retreats

We conduct special marriage and family emphases and retreats. Special emphases are often held at the church’s meeting place, either on a series of evenings or a weekend. Retreats are usually on a weekend, often in a relaxed setting such as Brown County or a nice hotel in the Indianapolis area.

Sessions deal with the principles of a healthy marriage and/or family life, actions needed to mobilize health relationships, and feedback to reinforce healthy change. Attendees receive a better understanding of the holy calling of marriage and family life and commit to implement at least one principle presented during the sessions.

Recent presentation topics include: The Holy Calling of Marriage, Fatherhood, Young Moms, Effective Parenting Skills, Troublesome Teens, and Resolving Marriage and Family Conflict.

Interim Ministry Service

Dr. Craig has provided interim ministry services to churches in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Lebanon, Fortville, and Fort Wayne.   The “in between Sundays” waiting for the arrival of a new teaching minister can be times of exciting growth and development. Dr. Craig provides biblical teaching and leadership coaching, promoting action that increases attendance, offerings, and optimism.  Messages are encouraging and timely. And because Dr. Craig works with the church’s leaders, members experience a model of ministry that promotes cooperation and mutual understanding.

Dr. Craig offers a series of sermons designed to fit an interim ministry as short as 4 weeks, or as long as 26 weeks. Church leaders can select the sermons that best meet the church’s short and long term needs.  If you would like more information, please email Dr. Craig at

Worship Music Workshop

Clean Your Worship Band

Membership Assistance Program

The Membership Assistance Program (MAP) helps make counseling affordable. To see if you are qualified for MAP assistance, click here. If your church does not have a MAP with Northern Light Christian Counseling and you would like more information about establishing one, please contact us.


CEUs for Indiana Licensed Mental Health Professionals

We are an approved provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Indiana licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors. We help mental health professionals increase their research-based knowledge and facilitate application in the clinical setting.

Therapists who work closely with churches and/or want more referrals from pastors and ministers of counseling will be especially interested in these workshops. We try to offer something that is not available through other CEU sources, an in-depth look at mental health issues and their application in faith-based contexts. Our workshops include significant opportunities to interact with pastoral counselors and caregivers, as well as an opportunity to discuss relevant religious, spiritual, and biblical themes.

Those who participate in our workshops receive an updated understanding of the topics presented and practical strategies for effective counseling and teaching. Each workshop provides five (5) Category 1 Continuing Education Units. Topics include (but are not limited to) Group Premarital Therapy, Parenting Skills Training, Ethics in Private Practice, and Research-based Approaches to Marriage Enrichment.