Web Resources

While we do not agree with everything you may find, we believe these websites provide helpful information and resources.

American Association for Marital and Family Therapy

American Association of Christian Counselors

American Vision

Focus on the Family

North American Association for Christians in Social Work

To find other qualified counselors in various parts of the US and Canada, consult:

Newsletter Articles

The following articles have been designed for use in church newsletters and similar publications. They may be may be duplicated. We ask only that you copy them verbatim, including the author’s name and the website address.

Repentance: The Key to Forgiveness

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How’s Your House?

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Steal This Idea!

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The Three Early Warning Signs of an Affair

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Does Your Spouse Have an Alcohol and/or Drug Problem?

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Predicting Divorce

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Parents’s Response to Their Special Needs Children

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For the Pastor’s, Therapist’s, Teacher’s, and Caregiver’s Eyes Only

The following vignettes are excerpts from a book by Dr. Craig. They are designed to give pastors, professional therapists, and pastoral caregivers options for dealing with the ethical challenges of counseling ministry. While they present issues that actually arise in counseling ministry, the places, churches, and characters are fictional. These vignettes are copyrighted and may not be duplicated, edited, or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author. If you would like to duplicate or transmit any of this material, contact Dr. Craig.

  1.  An Introduction
  2.  Focusing on the Past
  3.  Negotiating Couple Complaints
  4.  Promoting Brutal Honesty
  5.  Mismanaging Anger
  6.  Stealth Counseling
  7.  Accepting Inappropriate Gifts
  8.  Promoting Programs Over People
  9.  Violating Confidentiality
  10.  Fogging the Boundaries
  11.  Becoming Sexually Involved With a Counselee

Looking for a Church Home?

If you are looking for a church home, we suggest the following:

Central Christian Church (Carmel)

Circle City Church of Christ (Indianapolis, Castleton)

Common Ground Christian Church (Indianapolis, Broad Ripple)

Cornerstone Christian Church (Brownsburg)

Countryside Christian Fellowship (Lebanon)

Dover Christian Church (Lebanon) (765) 482-3686

New Hope Christian Church (Whitestown)

The Church at the Crossing (Indianapolis)

Traders Point Christian Church (Whitestown)