Clean the Worship Band!


“It’s too loud!”

“All I can hear is the drums!”

“I just can’t worship here anymore!”

The Problem

Music is vital to the mental health ministry of the local church. Good music facilitates unity, diversity of gifts, harmony, leadership, and obedience. It also motivates authentic emotional experience and ties that experience to intellectual truth. Like good counseling, good music yields therapeutic benefits that last beyond the close of the formal meeting.

Of course, “good” is somewhat a matter of style, taste, and personal preference.  But more than that, it is a matter of excellence, proficiency, and praise. People can respect, learn lessons from, and (eventually) learn to enjoy any style of music done well to the Glory of God. What keeps church music from attaining this lofty goal? Musical Mud. This is where the Clean Your Worship Band (CYWB) Workshop can help. Musical Mud is the mess vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, and percussionists create when they all try to crowd into the same “sonic space”. They can’t hear themselves, each other, or how they sound to the congregation. The highest highs (snare drum and cymbal hits) are the only sounds that can clearly cut through the mud, so they dominate the music.

Expensive sheet music is part of the problem. Sheet music often carries a complete piano score that “doubles” all of the vocal and other instrumental parts. This creates Musical Mud. Tab charts are part of the problem, too. Many display strings of words and chord symbols with no indication of how many measures each chord should be played or which of the instruments should stand out or lay back. This creates Musical Mud.


The CYWB Workshop solves the problems associated with Musical Mud. The workshop teaches proper sonic spacing, step up, layback, and other simple recording studio techniques to create a fun, harmonious, unifying worship experience. Musicians enjoy a deeper sense of satisfaction, unity, and mutual ministry. Congregations enjoy and participate more fully in the worship services.

Like our other consulting ministries, the CYWB Workshop helps people define problems, identify solutions and implement healthy changes quickly. This is especially valuable to the volunteer worship leaders and musicians who want to produce a high-quality music experience with limited time to rehearse.


FAQs and Answers

What will the participants do at this workshop?


    1. They will master a simple way to arrange each chart that is easily understood by both beginning and advanced musicians.
    2. They will learn to recognize and respect the sonic space of the other musicians and vocalists.
    3. Practice these principles while playing their favorite worship tunes.

Who should attend?


    1. Worship leaders.
    2. Musicians, especially those who play rhythm instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, and other keyboards.
    3. Worship team vocalists.
    4. Sound technicians.
    5. Beginning musicians who have thought about trying out for or playing in the worship band.

Where will the workshop be conducted?

We meet in your worship auditorium with your instruments and PA equipment.

What should participants bring?

Participants should come prepared just as they would for worship band practice.

What is the Schedule?


9:00 AM Clean Your Band Concepts
Prayer for the Church
Rhythm band basics
Sonic spacing principles
10:00 AM Simple Worship Band Arranging
The Rockin’ Roadmap
Step Up/Layback Techniques
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 Preparing for Worship
The Theology of Harmony
Mixing In the Hymns
2:00 Unified Music Worship Experience
3:00 Dismissal
How much does this cost?

    1. We charge $195 plus mileage for the Saturday workshop. This includes all materials and music charts.
    2. To reserve a Saturday, we require a non-refundable deposit of $50.

How can we contact you?