TPCC Care Vouchers

Though we keep our rates low (about 40% less than other counseling centers in our community), we know some are not able to afford professional counseling. This is where TPCC Care Vouchers come in.  If you are a member, or have registered at Connection Central, or have placed a child in the children’s program, you are qualified.  TPCC now offers vouchers which will cover 1/2 of the counseling cost for 4 sessions.

Note: You will still be responsible for 1/2 of the fee, payable at the time of service.  We believe this is the best way to assist people in getting the help they need quickly while ensuring they are making an investment in their own wellbeing.  

To secure vouchers from Traders Point Christian Church, go to

Since Care Voucher assistance essentially comes from church benevolence funds, we urge clients to pay the full fee if they can.


Our fee is $90 per hour.   Clients holding a Care Voucher pay $45 per session.  If you need additional help and are not affiliated with Traders Point Christian Church, contact your church’s pastor or director of benevolence.