NLCC Career Opportunities

We are looking for Indiana licensed therapists, certified pastoral  counselors, and certified biblical counselors who want to develop a successful, ministry-oriented private practice.


Applicants should…

Hold a current Indiana license to do social work, marriage and family therapy, psychological therapy, and/or mental health counseling; or be properly certified as a pastoral or biblical counselor.
Have or be qualified to obtain professional liability insurance.
Affirm the mission statement.
Exemplify biblical moral and ethical standards.
Applicants should understand, accept, and enjoy the realities of private practice development and self-employment.


Experienced therapists with established caseloads are preferred. However, beginning therapists and those who have experience in hospitals, mental health centers, schools, and other clinical and educational settings are encouraged to apply.

Email Dr. Craig. Attach a chronological resume describing your work experience, academic credentials, licensing, and professional affiliations. Include the names and contact information for three references: Someone who has supervised your clinical work, the senior pastor where you attend church, and a financial reference (e.g. someone from your bank or a professional accountant). Be sure to contact these people before you send your resume and give them permission to communicate with NLCC.

We will email you immediately to set up a personal interview.


We do not practice the typical fee-splitting arrangement (where therapists pay up to 50% of their gross collections for the privilege of working in the group). We do not charge high fees and make a profit by paying therapists low wages. We do not hire employees.

Instead, therapists make a one year covenant with NLCC. This includes setting an annual schedule and agreeing to pay about $150 per month for administrative services. Therapists collect their own fees, and manage their own financial resources and expenses as self-employed individuals.

We also ask therapists set a fee that is equal to or lower than our standard fee of $90 per hour. While this limits their income somewhat (average fees in Indianapolis are in excess of $120 per hour), we believe this maintains our ministry orientation, provides incentive for increased availability, and is offset by the low cost of the office.

Because therapists are self-employed persons who manage their own practices, they are free to teach classes, hold workshops, and provide professional services for other counseling groups. We get no ‘cut’ of their earnings. And, they can leave NLCC without penalty and with no ‘non-compete’ clause hanging over their heads.

We provide the tools necessary for success, including shared use of a comfortable offices, Internet service; and an updated website. We also provide Christian camaraderie and authentic ministry involvement.

Our therapists are free to…¬†

Provide professional, Christ-centered counseling, consulting, and educational services appropriate to their education, training, gifts, abilities, and interests.
Set their own schedules.
Set their own appointments.
Collect fees and manage their own practices.
Secure professional liability insurance.