Hours of Operation


Dr. Craig is available:

Monday              10 AM to 8 PM         West 86th Street

Tuesday             10 AM to 8 PM       West 86th Street

Wednesday         10 AM to 5 PM        West 86th Street

Thursday            10 AM to 4 PM        West 86th Street

Friday                 10 AM to 5 PM        West 86th Street


Mrs. Castle is available:

Wednesday         11 AM to 6 PM        Central Christian Church (Lebanon)

Thursday             10 AM to 9 PM      Traders Point Christian Church

Friday                 10 AM to 5 PM       Central Christian Church (Lebanon)

Friday                  6 PM to 9 PM       Traders Point Christian Church


Mr. Ober is available:

Monday              9 AM to 8 PM         Traders Point Christian Church

Tuesday             9 AM to 8 PM         Traders Point Christian Church

Wednesday        9 AM to 6 PM         Traders Point Christian Church

Thursday           9 AM to Noon       Traders Point Christian Church


Mrs. Parker is available:

Monday             Noon to 3 PM               West 86th Street

Wednesday       6 PM to 9 PM               West 86th Street

Thursday           6 PM to 9 PM               West 86th Street

Saturday              9 AM to 1 PM         West 86th Street


Call or Email for an Appointment

Mr. Paul Ober provides our scheduling service.  He will receive and return calls as his daily schedule allows.  Call him at (317) 287-4069 and, if necessary, leave a voice mail that includes your telephone number and days/times you could meet with a therapist.  If you want to see a specific Northern Light therapist, let him know and he will work out an appointment time with you.

Our 86th Street office direct number is (317) 471-0500.  (Please Note: When we are seeing clients or conducting telephone consultations, we cannot answer this telephone or return calls quickly.

The Best Way: Send an email to  info@northernlightcc.com and receive a quick response.  Provide some possible days /times you can meet, and we will email an appointment confirmation and directions to the correct office.

Telephone Calls and Counseling

We do not provide clinical counseling via telephone or email.  Face-to-face meetings promote better communication and facilitate a solid therapeutic relationship.  We do provide telephone and email consultations by special arrangement.


If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 and/or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.