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In the event of an emergency, dial 911 and/or go immediately to your local hospital emergency room.

Schedule An Appointment

For a schedule of the hours we are available, click here.

The best way to schedule an appointment is to email us at .  You will receive a timely response and confirmation, as well as directions to the correct office.

To make an appointment via telephone, please call or text Mr. Paul Ober, MSW, LCSW. He will discuss options with you, schedule the appropriate counselor, and provide directions to the correct office.  He can be reached at (317) 287-4069.

Please print, complete, and bring this form to your first appointment. (Click here.)


Three Convenient Locations

1) Traders Point Christian Church. The counseling office is located on the second floor in the South Wing of the main building. Enter at the South Entrance (Entrance #3) and use the waiting area at the top of the stairs. Or, enter at the Main Entrance and use the elevator.

2) West 86th Street. The counseling office is located at: 4215 W. 86th Street, Suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46268. This is in the Public Storage office complex at 86th Street and Commerce Park Place, about a half mile west of the Michigan Road intersection. The office is on the ground level and is handicap accessible. See the maps included on the Contact page.

3) Central Christian Church (Lebanon). Mrs. Castle has a counseling office located at 311 East Main Street, Lebanon, IN 46052.  She can also be reached at (317) 418-8524.

Telephone and Email Consultations

We do not conduct clinical counseling sessions via telephone or Internet. When circumstances dictate, we may consult by telephone or email. Contact your counselor to arrange a consultation.

Purposeful Flexibility

We offer extended, flexible hours to ensure immediate availability. Our clients choose from 4 licensed therapists offering up to 100 appointment times each week, with 21 of these after 5PM and 5 on Saturday. We offer more hours so our clients can fulfill family, work, school, church, and other responsibilities. And when a client’s schedule cannot be reconciled with our hours of operation, we negotiate a time that fits.

What to Bring to the Counseling Session

Clients make better use of the time by being punctual, bringing a completed intake form, and preparing to present their questions and concerns as clearly as possible. Many find it helpful to write their questions and concerns and bring them to the session.

Clients are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen to take notes and write down additional questions. Some bring a Bible (in the version with which they are most familiar), self-help books, and printouts from websites they have found helpful.

We recommend clients dress comfortably. Many feel cold when they are anxious, so it is good to bring a sweater or a sweatshirt.

Some choose to bring a friend or family member, either to participate in the session or to sit in the waiting room during the session. We believe healthy relationships are the key to healing, so we welcome these participants and visitors.

We also ask clients to bring a method of payment to the session. Click here for more information.

Please do not bring children unless they will be participating in the counseling session.